Custom printed paper cups are not just for coffee shops


We print a lot of paper cups – millions over the years, and and something interesting about them that many people many not know – while they are used for coffee and cold drinks, they aren’t all printed for coffee shops. Yes, we print for many coffee shops all over the country, but we also print for schools, churches and offices.

One of our largest clients is a law firm. They order 5000 12 oz. custom printed paper cups every two months; that’s 30,000 cups a year! And all of the cups are used for clients who pass through the office. They brand their paper cups with their law firm office. We have been printing these for them for years. It first stared with the name of the firm in plain type and then a logo and then when the law firm changed names and added a partner, it went to another logo and a full color wrapped cup! I’m sure their clients appreciate the extra effort when they grab  cup of coffee at the law firm.


From our double wall cup line.

We recently printed 10,000 paper cups for a church, which orders them a few times a year. They also have a logo and it’s printed on the cups. It’s a small gesture, but it is noticed by congregants and folks passing through. They use them at meetings and for coffee and cake every Sunday after services. A few realtors order from us on a regular basis and use the cups at their offices, but mostly at open houses.

We also do custom printed paper cups for schools who use them for parent-teacher events and also family reunions and even brides order them for weddings.


They are inexpensive and they leave a lasting impression. Auto shops, banks, doctor’s offices, stores, clubs, even pharmaceutical companies order custom coffee cups; and many ad agencies order custom printed paper cups to promote their clients’ new products, we do lots of those. We also do many paper cups for the fashion industry which are used at offices and at fashion shows and events.


We have standard paper cups and just recently started printing full color double wall cups, so you don’t need to worry about java jackets, although we custom print java jackets and coffee sleeves, too.

Check out our line, we print all sizes and you can have one color printed or have a full color printed cup from top to bottom: