Personalized sunglasses; what’s new is old again!


We lowered prices on our custom printed sunglasses, at Our most popular – the Neon Rubber Sunglasses – start at only .79 each now and go up to $1.49 per pair – printed and shipped free! Not a bad deal!

We’re excited about our new Retro Pinhole personalized sunglasses which now allow for a full color imprint on the lenses! Many of you have asked for these over the years. Also, standard is an imprint on the side arm, so your brand can be seen all over the specs! They come in a wide variety of colors.

For years we sold thousands of these to college fraternities and sororities, we couldn’t keep up with demand. We couldn’t keep them in stock!  Now there is a new selection of personalized sunglasses.

The frats still purchase them but we sell a lot to all sorts of businesses. Every time I head out to an event – a beer fest, a concert, an arts festival, someone is giving out free sunglasses – they are a perfect promotion, people love them and they wear them and your image and brand is right there on their heads for all to see!

Heck, we sell them, but we always end up taking a pair at these events and wearing and using them ourselves! You can never have enough.

I think it’s interesting about the phases of life and things that are popular and fads at times, like the sunglasses and the college students about 10 years ago. I’m not sure what the latest fad is now, but maybe these college students from 10 years ago are the ones running businesses now and they are the ones purchasing the sunglasses for their current situations – making them go full circle! You know, their college memories are now part of their business promotions! Love that thought.

You can see the sunglasses we offer at here.