Our Return & Privacy Policies

Our Return Policy

We always want our customers to be happy. We have been in this business since 1983 and have a stellar record. We want you back as repeat customers. We will offer a total refund on any item that you do not feel is done to your liking. We do have to make a few stipulations: We cannot accept a return on an item because you don't like the colors you chose or if the imprint was not correct due to a typographical error on your part. We will however make a speedy replacement if we caused any typo or did not produce what you specified. We will refund your money if the item is not in tip top shape. We are fair. But since all of our items are imprinted, you must be totally sure that what you type in to us is what you want. Please double check spellings, color selections, addresses, etc.

NO RETURNS ON PRINTED ITEMS. We will only accept returns on items that were imprinted incorrectly due to our error.

Thank you again for allowing us to print for you. We know that every job you send to us is very important to you and we know that you want it perfect and in a very timely manner. That is what we are here to do.

Your personal information is safe!
Also, we will never ever sell your personal information. We obviously need your name, address, phone, email, etc. to do business. But all that information stays with us. Honestly. You do not need to register with us to do business. We only have the registration set up so that you can track orders easily or re-order easily. But it is not necessary to ever register to place an order.

Tracking your orders
All orders are tracked, so if you would like to track it, please email us for the tracking number if you did not receive it already from the registration site.

Our Privacy Policy

Your private information is secure with us. We promise.

Your privacy is our main concern. We use a totally secure server that will encrypt your credit card and other private information. We also keep your shipping and billing information private and secure. Our only goal is to print for you period. We do not sell or use your personal information in any manner other than to print and ship your items. We save artwork and shipping information for a short time to allow easy re-ordering. But after a period of time, it is all wiped clean from our files, if for no other reason than for space limitations.

Our business involves personal printed items and of course shipping addresses and information related to that. We need this in order to conduct business, but we in no way share the information with anyone. All of your private information stays with us. TheDiscountPrinter.com does not and will never share information. We despise spam and work to eradicate it daily.

We are totally against email harvesting and the practice that some sites use to collect data for marketing reasons. This is an invasion of privacy and we are against this. In fact, we don't even have a clue how this is done. We are only here to provide you with the best printing and promotional items at the best prices. We are sell printing and promotional items. Period.

We have no dealings with any marketing companies and although we do publish a marketing newsletter, we only send the newsletter to subscribers who opt-in to receive the newsletter. We use a double opt-in feature to ensure that the subscriber is accurate. This is separate from our daily printing operations and the two really are separate entities and are treated as such.

We want you to feel secure dealing with us. We are printers. Nothing more. Your private information is secure with us. We promise.