There’s a marketing tool found to be very effective in pleasing clients and promoting business. That’s 3M Post-it notes

Here are the 7 reasons you should be using 3M Post-it Notes to market yourself:

1) Post-it Notes are economical. They cost pennies a sheet – printed!

2) Full color is now printed for the price of one on popular sizes! More bang for your buck!

3) Customers love Post-it Notes. They make terrific hand-outs.

4) Genuine 3M Post-it Notes are cheaper than knock-offs which are on the market now and of course you want that because you want the trademark adhesive that WORKS.

5) Post-it Notes are used for everything from writing pads to forms and ads. You can cover the whole sheet with your advertisement if you like. 

6) Cube pads last months, possibly years. Cover the four sides with full color, a different image on each side if you like! The gift that keeps on giving.

7) It’s easy to order. Send in your logo or text to Nothing is printed until we get your final approval. And they are shipped FREE!

Stick your name out there! It is so easy to order. You can order as little as 6 or 8 pads or as many as 1 million! It’s up to you. The cost is pennies a sheet and they are excellent business generators.