Are you buying fake post it notes?

Are you buying the real thing? We’re taking about Post-it Notes, you now, personalized notepads. 3M Post-it Notes are the real thing. All others are knock-offs. We sell custom printed Post-it Notes. 3M Brand post-it notes and personalized notepads.

You see, a few years ago, the 3M patent for one of the most popular office items, the custom printed Post-it Notes, ran out and all the knock-offs starting flying off the presses. But there is a difference. We hear it all the time, “Can you fix our problem pads?”

post-itnotes2Knock-off sticky notes are NOT Post-it Notes and they don’t act like Post-it Notes. Knock-off pads either have little adhesive or too much adhesive, they are usually not made in that sweet spot that 3M Post-it Notes are.

We make and print the original branded 3M Post-it Notes. We sell wholesale post it notes to everyone. We sell the personalized post its to the public, to printers who resell and we sell a top notch product. We fix bad pads by printing the real thing right.

If you want the adhesive to work, you need 3M Post-it Note brand pads.

The majority of 3M Post-it Notes these days are used as forms and advertisements. Oh sure, pads are used as writing pads, too, you know, as give-aways, as they have always been used.

post-itnotes1Let us show you what you can do with 3M Post-it Notes. We have been printing the pads for years, we are one of the first online printers from the late 1990s. We know what we’re doing, we know what you want – quality and price.

We have a large selection of personalized note pads in different shapes and sizes. They are all wholesale priced pads.  Check them out here:

Email us too at Just tell us what you would like and we’ll send you a price and send proofs for you to complete the order. No forms to fill out.

Let us show you how custom printed post it notes can work for you.