Creative and Practical uses for Post-it Notes in the new year

Post-it notes can be a versatile tool for various purposes in the new year. Here are some creative and practical uses:

Goal Setting:

Write down your New Year’s resolutions on individual Post-it notes and stick them on a visible board or wall to serve as a daily reminder.

Meeting Notes:

Take quick meeting notes on Post-it notes and then transfer important points to your digital notes later. The physical notes can be kept as a quick reference.


Use Post-it notes during brainstorming sessions. Write down ideas, and then organize and rearrange them on a board to find patterns or connections.

Gratitude Journal:

Create a gratitude board by jotting down one thing you’re grateful for each day on a Post-it note. Over time, you’ll have a colorful display of positive moments.

Motivational Quotes:

Write down motivational quotes or affirmations on Post-it notes and place them in areas where you’ll see them regularly, such as on your bathroom mirror or computer monitor.

Shopping List:

Use Post-it notes to jot down items you need to buy. Stick the note on your wallet, phone, or the door to remember to grab them when you’re out.


Use small Post-it notes as temporary bookmarks. They’re especially useful for marking important pages or passages in books or notebooks.

Fitness Tracker:

Create a visual fitness tracker by assigning different exercises or fitness goals to Post-it notes. Move them from one section to another as you complete each activity.

Password Reminders:

Write down complex passwords on Post-it notes and place them in a secure location, like inside a drawer, to easily access when needed.
Remember to be mindful of the environment and consider using reusable or recyclable alternatives if you plan to use a large number of Post-it notes. makes and prints 3M post-it notes for all these reasons and more. Check out what we offer and use them for your next project or marking venture.