Monkey Business 2024 calendars


For a business that likes a little humor, this is the perfect calendar. No matter who receives this calendar, they are sure to enjoy the monkey mischief shown each month. Quick Ship and Guaranteed Inventory through 12-31.

 Features: Mischievous monkeys - 12 Sheet - Imprint every month - Spiraled on top - Paper Stock: 70# Gloss

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Calendar Type: 3300 (Monkey Business)
Imprint Color: Black only
Ad Copy: 45 characters (including spaces) maximum per line

Size: 9" x 17"   -   Maximum imprint: 8" x 1-3/4"

If you are sending art, please send to after placing the order.

If you have a question on art, Click Here for info.

Copy being printed:

After order is placed, you will receive an order number in email. If sending logo or image, 
use that as a reference in the subject line of the email with art you are sending.

NOTE: The imprint area is long, so try to use the space wisely.
Line 1:  
Line 2:  
Line 3:  
Line 4:
Please note: We will typeset for best fit. If there is too much on one line, 
we will add the rest of the copy to another line. 
If you have an exact layout in mind, please send us camera-ready art.

100 is the absolute minimum.
Quantity 100 -       ($549.00) 5.49 ea.
Quantity 250 -     ($1347.50) 5.39 ea.
Quantity 500 -     ($2195.00) 4.39 ea.


For larger quantity pricing: EMAIL US!
No Screen Charges - No Set Up Charges! 
Shipping U.S.
and Canada
Added to all Florida orders.
Orders will be shipped in 10 business days.


First place the order above for Calendars then click back 
and do the envelopes separately.

Envelopes are plain white.
Sorry, we cannot imprint these envelopes

Quantity 100 envelopes -      .29 each
Quantity 250 envelopes -      .29 each
Quantity 500 envelopes -      .29 each

Email us for larger quantity pricing.

Shipping U.S. only
Taxes: Added to all Florida orders.
Orders will be shipped in 10 business days.