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How our site works.....

It's FAST & EASY! And most items ship FREE!

EASIEST WAY TO ORDER: Just go to the order page of the item you like and ordering is easy.
Our list of products is on the home page to the left.

We have been in business for 25 years, the last few years on the internet. We are a bricks 
and mortar business selling on the internet.

We sell wholesale and many products are below wholesale. We sell to the public and to
the trade. Pricing is the same for everyone. Our clients and friends include other printers,
universities, big businesses and small businesses, family reunions, schools, churches, clubs, 
etc. Everyone is welcome. No job is too small. We indicate the minimum quantities needed
to order each item, so feel free to order whatever quantity you need. Many of our items
have low minimums to accommodate small occasions and parties.

To order "in-between" quantities, just use the higher price and change the quantity in
the shopping cart. For instance, if you prefer 150 frisbees instead of 100, use the 100 quantity
and change that to 150 in the shopping cart. The price break would be at 250 units. 
NOTE: This is not available on Post-it Note orders under 500 pad quantities.

Our products can be printed with straight line type, your image or a combination. We will 
work with you to get the imprint the way you like it.

* The fastest and easiest way to order, is to use our on-line forms. Each item has its own order page
and all prices are listed. Just follow the few easy steps like telling us the color of the item or imprint,
telling us what you want printed and so on. It takes seconds.

When paying with a credit card, you are guaranteed total security and privacy. We are always
up-to-date with the latest security procedures and your security and privacy are our number one
concern. Our number two concern is to get your item to you as soon as possible and to print it
exactly as you desire.

If you would prefer to order off-line, we can accommodate that, too. Just click here for more 
info on that. We can accept fax and email orders and of course snail mail. We do not accept 
phone orders. Since the items are being printed, we need to have all orders in writing.

We can print your image, logo, whatever and will work with you to get it the way you like it.
Our art/image guidelines are easy to follow and if you have any questions, we will be more than 
happy to assist you. Please know this: We will not just print anything so if the image is not right,
we will contact you first and tell you we need another image. You can be sure of a quality
print job this way. You may see our guidelines by clicking here. Remember that if you have 
any questions, we are happy to assist with art.

Please read the art guidelines carefully. It will hold up the order if the art is not sent correctly.

We set up proofs for most orders. We will email you a link to a proof within hours of you placing
your order. Not with pens, if you are just having plain text printed, we will just go ahead
with the order so that we can ship them as fast as possible. If there is a logo or special image
on pens, we will set up a proof. Otherwise we will just wing-it and print it without a proof.

All of our items have the production time listed right near the shopping cart button at the
bottom of each page. The items take this long to be produced. Then we ship. Depending on 
where you are located, the items can take 2-5 days for shipping. This is in addition to the
production time. Most items will be in your hands within two weeks after proof approval.

This is important: Production starts after your proof is approved, not from the date of order.
If the proof is approved the same day as the order, then the order will ship that day. If it takes 
a few days to get your image right, then production starts when the proof is finalized and 
approved by you. It is important to check your email for the proof within hours of placing
your order. Approving the proof fast will speed up production.

All of our products are guaranteed for quality. We only use the best products like Bic and 3M. 
We are known for your quality, speed and accuracy. Our customer service is the best.
Check out our testimonials, click here.

The fastest and easiest way to reach us is to email us at any time. We are standing-by 
24 hours a day, and you will receive a response pretty fast, usually within an hour or less. 
Peak times or the middle of the night might require a little more time for us to respond. But
you won't wait long.

When placing an order, there is a "customer comments" box at the end of the shopping cart.
Just tell us anything you would like there.  Many people like to request certain type styles and
explain how they would like the type and the layout to look.

It really is very easy. Why not check out some of our items. Check our list out at our home page

You may practice-order any time. Just go through the process and just cancel the order 
before you get to the credit card page. We will not see the order and you will not be charged
since there was no credit card info entered. This way you can get a feel for how easy it
all is. What may we print for you today?

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